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Entry #1

I'm Back from the Grave

2009-03-17 22:10:51 by TheGreatPatten

Show what the fuck have a been up to? Fucking nothing. Two Car crash and I broke my jack arm. Broke my jack arm playing football, btw.

I'm back. I'm even workin on flash again so check my wallpaper. I spent all day drawing that shit, and lemme tell ya, it looks pretty decent. No more gay collabs too, I'd delete that Color Collab bullshit the first chance I get. Real flashes from now on.


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2009-03-18 17:18:12

you can't delete the color collab after it err... got completely spammed in the making... and has a bunch of n00b flashes from most of the participants, including moi... it won an award? that'll do...

TheGreatPatten responds:

I'd delete it if I got everybody's permission, but since there's no chance in hell of that happening I might as well just complain about it like a grumpy ass old man.